The new chapter of MIUI era

The design can boast with a lot of space on the menu. The new MIUI 11 makes all the best for perfect content viewing.

Gorgeous Always-on display

The wave dial with rhythmic moving will definitely amaze you.

Customizable screen theme

The user can create a personal screen theme. Do you have some phrases that motivate and inspire you? Thanks to the special tool the user can create own wallpaper. Just type the text, choose the font, the color of the font and its layout.

Enjoy the “Screen Breathing effect”

When you receive the notifications, your smartphone with Illumination effects becomes “alive”.

Nature sounds — the Reddot award winner

Relaxing nature sounds will become a perfect sound for the alarm clock. Start your day with relaxing sounds of nature. Forget about stress when you are waking up. Set up seven different sounds and wake up every day with a new alarm clock sound.

No irritating notifications

The notification sounds imitate the sound of water, birds, the sound of the forest and even the night groove.

Everything to keep your productivity

Thanks to the special App Suits with useful applications for work, daily life, and travel.

Cross-platform file sharing tool

Do you want to send files on other smartphones? With file sharing feature you can share files, photos etc to other users.

Easy-to-use document viewer

Mi Doc Viewer App is an application for viewing the documents on your Mi Smartphone. All the popular formats are supported.

Each document in the app library is shown with the preview image for easy navigation.

Wireless connection to printers

Connect to printers without PC. No additional apps required There are more than 2000 printers models supported by the firm App.

Notes App — your assistant to manage daily tasks

Create your to-do list, set up the time and the app notification will inform you about the task you should do. Moreover, the user can sync the tasks with the calendar.

Mi Calculator

New features in the calculator allow you to count age, discounts, etc. Moreover, you can place the small version of the calculator on the menu.

SOS Feature

Create your special contact list for emergency purposes. In case of trouble just press the power button 5 times. The users from the emergency contact list will receive the message with your geolocation.

Gaming Toolbox 2.0

Swipe to open the toolbar and get access to useful tools while you are playing the games.

The toolbar contains everything to help you concentrate on gaming sessions. Block the incoming messages; answer the calls while you are playing. Use the screen recording feature to capture recordings of your game.

Quick reply feature

Quickly reply to the messages without leaving the app you are using. Keep the conversation while using the other app.

Welcome to explore MIUI!